Arnier ft. A.I Lil Brucey

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Henry Arnier Stephens is an music artist from Philadelphia P.A born on December 25, 1998. He
also has 5 little brothers that looks up to him, so he has to show them a good image. Growing up
wasn’t so easy for him it was more of a struggle, but he kept a positive attitude and stayed
dedicated to accomplishing his goal to become 1 of the best music artist in the world. He always
loved music growing up, so whenever he was at a stressing point or just wasn’t busy he would
write music within his books. Eventually he wanted to put his music out for others to hear and
understand what he was going through. He used programs that he could record his music on to
mix and master. Even when he didn’t have the quality and tools he needed, he was still happy
that he was able to put his music out. In his music he talks about his life and how he’s getting
through the obstacles he is facing till this day. He wants to inspire others that “No matter what
they are going through, you can take advantage of that struggle and determine your outcome as
long as you believe in yourself.” Arnier has dropped a new single featuring A.I lil Brucey called
“My Life Is Different.” He also has more upcoming projects that he will be dropping soon.

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